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Admin Aug 03, 2020

Why Using a Courier Service is Better Than Regular Mail



Packages are delivered every day and if you are among the many that believe the general mail service is your best option, you are sorely mistaken. General mail is fine for delivery a letter or paying your bills, but for packages, courier services remain far superior. Here are just a few reasons why using a courier services is a much better idea than relying on snail mail.


The general mail services throughout the world have developed a reputation for being slow. It takes, on average 3 days to deliver a package to another state or just down the street, so naturally, people refer to general mail services as snail mail. The primary reason for this is due to the large volume of package and limited number of people making deliveries.

With a courier service, this issue is resolved. Courier services are far faster than general mail avenues, so you do not have to wait days just to send a document or package across town to another office. Most courier services do not have specific daily routes they take like a mail carrier. They are allowed to take short cuts and prioritize certain packages that require speed. Courier services are the fastest way to send your packages anywhere they need to be.


Have you ever lost a package? The answer is likely yes if you rely on the general mail system for your delivery needs. Packages get sent to the wrong postal office or sent to the wrong address all the time. The sheer volume of mail sent through general mail services make it virtually impossible to not lose a single package and that is not something you should have to worry about.

When you trust your valuable package or documents to a courier service, you need not worry about lost packages. Courier services work on a much smaller scale and provide far fewer deliveries daily making it possible to ensure that each package gets to the right address each time. Let the general mail keep losing packages. Trust your delivery needs to a qualified courier.

Cuts Costs

The cost of shipping items through general mail services is only going up. To account for this, many companies hire a specific person within the company to deliver their necessities. However, this concept can ultimately backfire. That person you entrust within your company might have limited delivery experience and when there is nothing to be delivered, that individual has nothing to do, but is still paid the same amount.

A courier service takes the guess work out of deliveries and ultimately saves your company money. There is no need to hire a specific person just for deliveries and when no deliveries are to be made, you are not paying the courier to do nothing. A courier services can cut cost drastically.

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