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Admin Aug 22, 2020

Safety Precautions Taken by Courier Services During COVID-19



The current pandemic of COVID-19 has drastically altered our everyday way of life. We see changes to restaurants, bars, event venues, movie theaters, and countless other aspects of life that used to be normal. We are all having to adapt and adaptations to how we send and receive products are being made as well. Safety precautions taken by courier services during COVID-19 vary by company, but here are some of the steps generally taken to keep you safe during these uncertain times.

Wearing Masks and/or Gloves

Masks have become the new fashion trend among everyday people today. Couriers are having to take extreme precautions to keep both themselves and those they are delivering to safe and part of that involves wearing a mask, gloves, or both. Gloves frequently changed out during deliveries allow potential germs to be avoided when passing a package to a receiver. Masks and face guards maintain further protection as COVID-19 is most susceptible to be passed via the mouth and nose of a person. By wearing masks and/or gloves during deliveries, the courier services limit exposure to the virus from packages and those receiving those packages.

Non-Contact Deliveries

If you have recently had takeout delivered to your home, you have likely seen a non-contact delivery service. This form of service allows the least amount of contact between people during a delivery. Essentially, when the courier arrives at your door with a package, they will knock or ring the door bell, place the package on the ground, and step back. Providing at least a 6 foot space between the receiver and delivery person follows the CDC recommended social distancing guidelines and further limits the possible spread of the Coronavirus from one to another.

Sanitizing Trucks and Equipment Used in Deliveries

Sanitizer is our friend these days and fighting the spread of potentially harmful germs keeps us all safe. Courier services use a lot of equipment in deliveries especially when those deliveries are substantially large. Sanitizing of all equipment with a special emphasis on high touch areas allows deliveries to remain up to date and on time without the heightened risk of spreading the virus. Courier services sanitize trucks and all equipment used during a deliver to ensure all remain safe.

Contact One Stop Delivery Services

Just because COVID-19 currently has its grip on the world does not mean that the earth stops turning. Life must go on and deliveries from courier services must take place. At One Stop Delivery Services, we are here for you. Our team of expert delivery people are making an effort to deliver all your essential items and delivery needs in a safe and efficient manner. We use no-contact delivery when possible and all of our delivery staff wears face masks and gloves to ensure the safety of themselves and those they are delivering to.

We will get through this and at One Stop Delivery Services, Inc, we want you to know that we stand with you. No matter what you need or where you need it delivered to, we are the courier to call. Do you need a safe and secure way to deliver your packages?